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Aroma Therapy For Home

Using essential oils can promote emotional and physical health. Here we provide you aromatherapy at home through cold diffusion which not only removes negative energies and brings in positive vibes but also create a suitable ambience as per your needs.


  • Relaxing aromas can help those with a vata mind imbalance by relieving restlessness, anxiety,cramps,backache, heart palpitations and insonomia.
  • Soothing aromas can help those with a Pitta mind imbalance by relieving anger, impatience, jealousy,ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Invigorating aromas can help those with a Kapha mind imbalance by releving retention of food, fluid, fat and relationship.
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    Why Choose us for: Aroma Therapy for Home

    • 1
    • To freshen up air inside the home and generate positive energies.
    • 2
    • To create spiritual ambiance during pooja, havan or religious ceromony.
    • 3
    • Healing patients throgh aroma therapy, invoking a heightened state of health.
    • 4
    • Using aroma to bring mind and body balance thereby healing bad thoughts.
    • 5
    • To remove stuffy odor from the cupboard.
    • 6
    • Killing bad smell of molds and mildews from kitchen.
    • 7
    • To remove carpet smell from rooms.
    • 8
    • To bring you restful, deep and relaxed sleep.
    • 9
    • For uplifting moods and create romantic moments for you and your loved one.
    • 10
    • To create holiday ambiance.