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Floor Cleaning and Polishing Services

One of the first thing people may notice when entering your home or a business premise is the floor. Well maintained floors give a vibrant, healthy sheen. Apart from the pleasant appearance, the floors also become a lot cleaner in the process. We can help you in making this happen with professionalism and expertise. We can give your old, dull floorings a new look! From tough granite to soft limestone, we are able to clean, polish, remove stains and seal most natural stone surfaces to even repair minor damages. The services rendered include polishing marble floors, stone floors, ceramic tiles and mosaic floors.

Industry Cleaning Services

Why Choose us for Floor Cleaning and Polishing services

  • 1
  • We do completely mechanized cleaning.
  • 2
  • We use a neutral floor cleaner formulated to suspend the dirt particles so they can be more easily removed. Using water only leaves much of the dirt on the floor, where it will eventually abrade and discolour the surface
  • 3
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • 4
  • If the floor is scratched and marked then we grind out those scratches using diamond pucks, we use a 3 stage system to get your floors completely back to their original beautiful look and feel.